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Complete Setup And Activation Guide For Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security is an optimum security suite for every need and person. It not only defends your device from viruses, spyware, malware, and other online threats but also safeguards your identity and online transaction details. Besides, you’ll never need to worry about a lagging PC or mobile as the security suite also enhances the performance of your device. When you purchase a Device Security, the first concern that comes up is how to set it up. Although it’s not a tough task, following proper guidelines can help you configure it without any trouble.

You can purchase your Internet security subscription directly navigating through the official website. If you think you need advanced protection, then you can go for Norton 360 which is total cybersecurity software which includes both functionalities of Norton Internet Security and Norton total Security. After purchasing the subscription, you can simply download the software from the official website. And then once you are done with the installation, activate your Norton 360 with Product Key and run your first virus scan.

Setup Norton Security Using Product Key

Whether you are installing Norton Product for the first time or just upgraded it to a better one, it’s always been helpful to get proper guidelines to configure and activate the product. There is no bar for the purchase of Norton product and you can buy it from any legitimate retail or online store. Use the following steps for Norton setup and activate the Internet Security Suite on your PC.

  • After successfully downloading the software from the official website, go to downloads folder and double click on the .exe file.
  • Click on install and accept any confirmations if prompted.
  • The installation will get finished within a few minutes.
  • Note that if you bought a CD of Norton Security, you can configure the product just by inserting it into the CD Drive. After inserting the CD into the Drive, wait for a few minutes as the installation starts automatically and then let the installation process finish.
  • Now after installing your Internet Security or Norton 360 software on your device, first start the application and then click on My Norton window.
  • After that, you’ll notice a tab Activate Now on the below of the screen. Click on Activate Now and then select Help.
  • Navigate the Account information tab and then click on Enter Product Key right below it.
  • Enter your product key which you have received from Norton into the given field and then click on Next.

You can find the product key for your Norton product either on the box copy of your product or in the confirmation email which you’ve received from your retailer.

What Makes Norton Products Unique And Worthy?

Just like they exist in the real world, don’t think you are safe on the internet. Yes, we are talking about thieves and other nasty things which even don’t leave us alone on the web. Thanks to Internet security and other cybersecurity software, we still have hopes left on our planet. Norton Internet Security provides you optimum aspects which will not even let a single harmful threat slip into your device. Besides defending against certain viruses, spyware, malware, and other online threats, it also safeguards your banking details or identity. Moreover, you’ll no more need to worry about a lagging computer as it also takes the responsibility to optimize your devices.

Important Aspects Of Norton Internet Security Suite

  • 1. Detects and disinfect or remove all sort of threats including the hard-to-remove ones also before it can infect your computer.
  • 2. Blocks malicious websites and prevent or warns you about any unusual activity and if it is safe to enter your personal details.
  • 3. Proactive Exploit Protection protects you from alleged zero-day attacks which attempts to exploit undiscovered vulnerabilities from slipping into your Windows operating system.
  • 4. Network Defense Layer Protection feature stops the online threats even before the can reach your device.
  • 5. Run scheduled scans in order to keep your device safe even when you are not using it.
  • 6. Get the insights of application and files and about how they are affecting your computer’s performance to help you keep your computer healthy and optimized.
  • 7. Two-way firewall which prevents cybercriminal from accessing your personal data and hacking your accounts or financial stuff.
  • 8. Fill up the form instantly with Norton Password Manager and get protected from cybercriminal which can steal your delicate information.
  • 9. Parental controls to keep your children safe and secure even when they are away from you.
  • For more setup related guides and instructions, go to www.norton.com/setup and use the various available resources on the website to configure and fix issues with Norton setup process.